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Our Love Affair With Jewelry

This one we readily admit to – our love affair with jewelry. Our eyes are drawn to it wherever it’s displayed – on others, in the counter, in the window. We’re always checking it out. And critiquing it. “Nice.” “Expensive.” “Good taste.” Or our thoughts may be negative. But we’re constantly noticing jewelry wherever we see it. And we’re always happy to show off our own. What is it with us and jewelry? We .

Wear the Wild

Father’s Day approaches. And so starts the mad scramble: what do we buy him this year? A gift card from the local hardware store for yet another tool? A tie he’ll never wear even if it is a Jerry Garcia? A wallet? Dusty Shutt Silver has a better idea for items on your shopping list. Let’s honor our man and choose a gift he’ll wear with pride while feeling that we really do get .

Wear the Flair

Colorado natives are a proud crowd. They brag about the Bi-centennial state and her many splendors, and are fervent followers of her extreme sports. Colorado high country flair is wide-flung wherever they look. Climbing the “fourteeners” to breathe fresh air on mountaintops, bicycling the miles and miles of rugged trails, jeepers and skiers and hikers – whatever her natives, and visitors, are into, Colorado provides soaring scenery and perfect playgrounds.   Colorado high country .

No Second Chance to Make a Good First Impression

Distinctive jewelry designed by Dusty Shutt Silver never fails to make a good first impression. Enjoy and incorporate these quotes by people-in-the-know and check out Dusty’s handcrafted jewelry pieces online. Together we can present ourselves to the world without needing a second chance to make a good first impression. Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else. Judy Garland   Develop a changeless sense of who you .

A New Love for the New Year

The New Year is the perfect time to fall in love. And we’re here to be your matchmaker! We have the perfect match for you and are excited to make the introduction! We may half-heartedly deny it, but we all want an eye-catcher when we fall in love.  One with good looks, a unique character that’s not influenced by every fashion and fancy that floats by, with a sense of personal style, of enduring .

Switching Your Wardrobe to Winter Jewelry

  Fall has come to the Colorado high country. And winter is swift on its heels. We residents have switched from summer’s lightweight apparel to warmer, weightier wear. And our accessories have followed suite. Dusty Shutt Silver has accessories for every season of the year. When you pull on your sweaters and boots, choose Dusty Shutt Silver’s cobblestone cuff to wear on your wrist. Made of sterling silver and grand chunks of turquoise, it .

When Inspiration Strikes

Where are you when inspiration strikes for decorating your home? Or your front porch? Or yourself? Who or what inspires your inner creativity when you stand and survey the rooms of your home when the place feels ready for a bit of redo? When you stand in front of the mirror thinking you’re ready for a bit of do-over? Or your closet? Or your jewelry cabinet? Is it something you saw in a magazine? .

Tradition with a Twist

Large Bad Boys Aspen Leaf
Jewelry-making is a tradition of people-groups around the globe. Native Americans are long famous for stunning handmade adornments. Known world-wide for their use of the silver-turquoise combination, American Indians have been making jewelry since ancient times, using the natural elements around them.   Sterling silver was incorporated into their craft in the 1800’s when the Spaniards came. The paired silver and turquoise has been appreciated and worn as adornment for nearly two hundred years. .

The Symbolism of Stones

A stone set artfully in a piece of jewelry does more than reflect the unique personality of the wearer, it stands proud as a symbol of honorable and attainable attributes. Friendship, strength, purity, harmony, integrity, these qualities and more shine forth from the stone which represents them – which one reveals most who you are? Which one expresses what you most desire? Which one will you give to the one you love?   Dusty .

Colorado Flair: Fun Facts and Fabulous Jewelry

Colorado is a top vacation destination in these United States. This state has much about which to boast. Incredible, jaw-dropping beauty abounds at incredible altitude. Colorado flair is everywhere. And Dusty Shutt Silver Jewelry shows off some of that Colorado flair with incredible attitude. Check out the grand variety of hand-crafted, nature-inspired jewelry pieces created by Dusty Shutt Silver Jewelry with that Colorado high-country flair. And check out these facts for some fun info .