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A Flair for the Fabulous

Are you looking for a jeweler with a flair for the fabulous? Let me introduce you to Dusty Shutt, the imaginative creator-half of the silversmith team at Dusty Shutt Silver Ltd. Dusty thinks outside the box. Her imagination soars among the peaks of the Colorado mountains, sails along the raging whitewater rivers, and strolls amidst the wildflowers of the fields. Her handcrafted jewelry reflects the inspiration gathered from this wild natural beauty into pieces of jewelry .

Grow Your Business Doing Face-to-Face Sales

It works. You can grow your business doing face-to-face sales. In our increasingly digital business environment, the warmth and power of in-person interactions are becoming more rare and valuable. The human touch is nearly magic. Dusty Shutt Silver Ltd. presents these amazing results of bringing face, voice, and genuine likeability to the sales transaction and what it can accomplish for your business.   Build trust: Face-to-face sales build relationship. A friendly greeting and light .

When Inspiration Strikes

Where are you when inspiration strikes for decorating your home? Or your front porch? Or yourself? Who or what inspires your inner creativity when you stand and survey the rooms of your home when the place feels ready for a bit of redo? When you stand in front of the mirror thinking you’re ready for a bit of do-over? Or your closet? Or your jewelry cabinet? Is it something you saw in a magazine? .

A Stroll Down Silversmith Lane

In taking a stroll down Silversmith Lane, we discover that a silversmith is a craftsman who shapes, by hammer and heat, objects from silver. Silver, since ancient times, has been manipulated into hollowware, flatware, and jewelry. The tools and techniques haven’t changed dramatically since the early days of silversmithing. Laser cutting has evolved, but still the hammer and heat are employed.   Discovery of the oldest known piece of silversmithed silver dates back to .

Recognizing Works of Art

Mona Lisa is the most famous painting in the world. Leonardo da Vinci’s celebrated work hangs in the Louvre in Paris and is seen by millions of people annually. The same artist painted The Last Supper, and this masterpiece is displayed in a monastery in Milan, Italy. Vincent van Gogh’s The Starry Night is on exhibit in New York. And we all know of the statue of David by Michelangelo, and The Thinker by .

Do The Lighten-Up With Your Summer Jewelry

Spring coming into summer brings the desire to do things fresh and light. And we’re ready after the cold drear of winter, aren’t we? We change our menus from stews and heavier meals to salads and lighter fare. We put away our heavy clothing and footwear, trading in sweaters and boots for tank tops and flip flops. How about your jewelry? Are you finding yourself reaching into the case for lighter, airy, fun pieces .

For the Love of Anklets: The How-To for Wearing Ankle Bracelets

Spring is officially here! The time has arrived for shorts and sandals, Capri pants and kitten pumps, mini skirts and slingbacks, bathing suits and ankle bracelets. Yes, you read that correctly. Ankle bracelets have made a fashion comeback in a big way. So if you’ve still got that sweet anklet you sported in high school (I do!), dig it out from where you stuffed it for nostalgia’s sake, and give it a shot.   .

4 Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Jewelry

Spring surrounds us with clean, greening lawns, tidied and readied flower beds – even our finances are in order as tax time coincides with the coming of Spring.  We’ve cleaned our homes and rearranged our wardrobes according to the anticipated warmer weather. Did you know that spring cleaning should also include your jewelry? Dusty Shutt Silver provides you with these tips and do’s and don’ts for keeping your jewelry sparkling. Let’s rummage through your .

Tips for Finding a Custom Jeweler

No one likes to attend a party and come face-to-face with another girl in the same dress. And we want our jewelry to be unique, too. In protest of cookie-cutter pieces of jewelry, many of us are turning to artisans who custom-make jewelry and provide high-quality pieces that present variety and personal style. So how do you find the right artist who makes the jewelry pieces you’re wanting? Dusty Shutt Silver gives these tips .

The Trying of Silver

The silver around your finger, at your earlobes, around your neck or wrist, has been through the war to get there. It’s been dug, mined, melted, refined, separated, added to, forged, and shaped. It’s ancient. It’s hardy. It holds value. Especially to you, the precious value of silver can be its monetary value and its sentimental value. And once it’s been worked over by the jewelers at Dusty Shutt Silver, its value is intensified .