Baroque means imperfect. However, this beautiful natural colored freshwater Baroque Pearl necklace is far from imperfect. Accented with 24K Gold Vermeil spacers, these Baroque Pearls speak of elegance and beauty. It is a one-of-a-kind necklace. While the a necklace of similar length with similar sized pearls can be made, it will not be identical.


This necklace uses Baroque Pearls that are approximately 20-25mm in size. It measures 20″ in length with a 14K yellow gold safety clasp.

To Order

Call 719-684-3929 if you wish to add Baroque Pearls to your jewelry wardrobe.

To Care for Your Pearls

  1. Daily Care — Keep your pearls in top condition by limiting their exposure to acids and other chemicals. When you put them on, wear them after you’re done with everything. When you’re taking everything off, take them off first. As an organic gem, pearls are more vulnerable to the chemicals found in cosmetics, hair spray, and perfume. Dress, style your hair, apply your make-up, and spray on your perfume before you put on any pearl jewelry.
  2. Limit your use of pearl rings and bracelets. Never wear these pieces when you anticipate working with your hands, and limit them to special occasions. Especially if you know you are going to do a rough job like playing sports, bathing or grooming your pet, take them off immediately.
  3. Gently wipe your pearls with a soft cloth after you remove them for the day. A pearl’s luster can be damaged by even the smallest amount of perspiration. Removing your sweat from the pearls after each use helps preserve their luster. You can also dab a drop of water on them and clean them off. Don’t scrub too hard, even though it is soft cloth!
  4. Avoid jewelry cleaners or ultrasonic cleaners. These are too rough and will damage your pearls. An ionic cleaner with the appropriate cleaning liquid works well for pearls and opals.
  5. Keep your pearls in a separate compartment, away from other jewelry. Other gems may scratch the surface of the pearls if they come into contact with them. If possible, use a small velvet drawstring bag and insert the pearl in there.
  6. Never store pearls in a plastic bag. Some plastics can emit a chemical that, over time, will cause your pearls to deteriorate. Airtight plastic bags can also cause vapor or sweat inside.
  7. Avoid long-term exposure to strong light or heat above 140°F (60°C). These elements can dry out your pearls, causing them to crack.
  8. Have your pearls restrung every one or two years, especially if you wear them consistently. Even if you do not notice visible signs of wear on the strand, the string will likely start to fray by then.

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