Burtis Blue free form turquoise cabochon mounted in sterling silver with rope trim and three rain drops (Toes). Fitted with hand-cut pieces of Burtis Blue Turquoise from Cripple Creek, Colorado, the free form cab remains unique. The blues don’t quite capture the colors of a Colorado sky. However, they remind the wearer that there is such a color as Colorado Sky Blue.  Thus, it grabs attention on a silver chain or woven leather neck band.

Each stone is a unique stone hand-cut by Craig Shutt. Furthermore, each cabochon is a one-of-a-kind pendant because no two stones are alike.

The Stone

Due to being a natural stone from Cripple Creek, CO, Burtis Blue is a pretty turquoise found in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. Divided into four color categories by the mine’s owner and the miner, Burtis Blue turquoise features Powder Blue, Sky Blue, Tri-color, and Drizzle. Thus, Drizzle is consider by the miner to be the rarest form of the Burtis Blue turquoise. The Burtis Blue claim closed in February 2017.


  • Turquoise symbolizes Friendship, Calmness and Loyalty
  • Silver represents Poise, Care and Grounding

Why Turquoise? 

The following quote from Turquoise, Water, Sky: The Stone and It’s Meaning exhibit in Sante Fe, NM, expresses the Shutts’ feelings toward the stone.

“Turquoise stands for water and for sky, for bountiful harvests, health and protection,” said Maxine McBrinn, Curator of Archaeology at the Museum of Indian Arts and Culture. “Blue-green symbolizes creation and the hope for security and beauty. These ideas were so important that if the stone was not available, its color was represented through other methods.”

Caring for Turquoise

Keep turquoise away from high heat and chemicals such as oils, perfumes, and household cleaners. Clean your turquoise in warm, sudsy water and dry it immediately with a soft cloth. Avoid using commercial jewelry cleaners.

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