Christ is represented by natural Burtis Blue Cripple Creek Turquoise. Three dyed bamboo coral (not endangered) beads with sterling silver headpins are placed in the locations where Jesus’ hands and feet were nailed. Several sterling silver roses are scattered along the timber and cross-piece with freshwater pearls placed in the center of a few of them.

Although not found in the Bible, The Rose of Sharon is a name given to Jesus to speak of the majesty, beauty, and healing power of our Lord. While no one can say for certain which flower is the actual rose, it is commonly understood that The Rose of Sharon is not like the roses found in the U.S.A. (even though one of those species was given that name). I’ve chosen to use a 5 petal flower to represent the rose.

The cross is approximately 2.125″ wide by 3.5″ long. It is presented on a 24″ 1.9mm sterling silver unseamed round snake chain manufactured in Italy.

Turquoise symbolizes friendship, serenity and loyalty.
Coral represents protection.
Freshwater Pearls represent purity, integrity and love.
Silver stands for confidence, sensitivity and grounding.

This is a special limited edition piece which means no more than 5 of this particular cross will ever be made.

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